Mantels & Slabs

Mantels are usually the shorter Beams that had a defected end that needed to be trimmed. Nicely Hand Hewn mantel stock is difficult to keep in inventory, as they are highly prized in many homes and commercial applications. We are also providing thick live sawn Slabs with the bark on both edges in Walnut, Cherry, Spalted Maple, and White Oak. Our standard is 4 inch thick, 18 inch minimum width, 10' 12' lengths.

We are only using Slabs sawn from logs that were harvested in the winter months when the sap is down. The bark will not stay on slabs cut from logs harvested when the sap was rising.

Almost anywhere you find innovative ideas in a project, whether it be Commercial or Residential you will find Reclaimed or Recycled wood products. We have made it a habit of surprising architects, project managers as well as owners, by offering an almost limitless supply of design options. Discover more about salvaged old growth lumber products by contracting reclaimed Lumber and Beams. Allow Ronny and Dale to help you with reliable information you need to complete your Green project.

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