Reclaimed Wood Beams

Lumber Beams come in all species, sizes, shapes, and in various forms of straightness. Many of the large main frame barn beams were hand hewn by broad axe to lengths over 50 feet. Huge beautiful pieces of history. We salvage every piece of these, for structural pieces, re-sawn back into beautiful lumber, or the shorter pieces make incredible mantels.

Reclaimed wood has a rich history. There are many times we can supply a biography of the lumber or flooring to the specifying architect or millworker who can share the history with the client. As an example a cotton mill in our town that was built in 1909, and had over 200,000 sq. ft of floor space (old growth Long Leaf Southern Pine ) yielded over 1 Million sq. ft of lumber. That translates to almost 50 acres of forest, 15,000 + trees. The reclaimed wood from the floors alone could have supplied floors for 600+ homes. Many of the beams were over 18" thick and over 40 long.

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