Reclaimed Barn Siding

A major portion of a reclaimed or salvaged structures is the weathered siding. It is a highly sought after product with the Gray or Silver patina left in tact. This product is available as is, Surfaced hit & miss, wire brushed, many times the aged barn Paint is left on. The most highly sought after are the barn boards with old advertising that is still readable. These boards are usually mixed White Oak and Red Oak, but wide Pine and Poplar are being salvaged. These beams are great for paneling, outside siding, wane-coating, ceiling material, cabinets, furniture pieces, accent walls.

With the adoption of Green Building Standards that set stringent criteria on the design and efficiency of construction projects, reclaimed wood can be a major factor in meeting or most of the time exceeding Green Standards. Along with the sustainability benefits of reclaimed wood, boards and timbers from buildings constructed 75 to 100 years ago are far superior in both look and strength.

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